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Default XC5 - Inability To Accurately Answer Questions / Make Progress On Existing Bugs...

Within the anonymous, farcical, poorly-written, un-signed e-mail from X-Cart, that's demanding a price increase of 299% for the annual XC5 business licence renewal (Full Details HERE) but which also contains some splendid euphemisms, such as this one:
...The X-Cart team continues to keep a focus on developing our software and investing in making all products better, faster, and more feature-rich...
there is presumably, an assumption, that anything that's outstanding / well overdue / still accurately unanswered and/or just plain ignored doesn't count in amongst the entries(are there ANY?) on the '...just sell us more profit - labs!' hypothetical XC5 roadmap (the real one - if it exists, I have never seen...)

NB There's no mention of security, but don't even think of mentioning the very recent malware / ransomware / hostage to fortune XC5 hosting debacle

Here's some reminders to the bean counters that seem far too preoccupied with increasing the leverage for more cash, than providing a product & service:

Hideously overdue old bugs:

New bugs that nobody at X-Cart has rectified yet:
These are all still in place as part of the XC upgrade process....

Timely and technically correct progress with Apache:

Timely and technically correct progress with PHP:

I was also going to add the written promise (posted here in this forum) of a X-Cart 5 release, that ran exclusively on Nginx, but historically, there's been so many subsequent examples of total avoidance / evasive answers only / hopelessly inept and technically flawed attempts at adding an 'option' within the existing Apache based system, that I've not bothered. A ghost is a ghost, no matter what marketing spin those lab boys try and apply to it.

These are just some of our own facts and observations. There are many, many more from other users. All of which, make the risible e-mail referred to earlier above, to be seem both seemingly delusional & very misleading. Great job all of those back at the labs, great job

EDIT - See The post above RE: 'forum bots' etc who have yet again 'conveniently' moved this post, from a totally separate thread, on to the end of this thread, so as to try and avoid ANYTHING that doesn't suit their current narrative aka being seen as a possible XC5 Problem. It's the same irony, in that, this thread is open to the public, not just forum members... oh & PRAVDA is no longer relevant
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