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Default Re: Custom skins hierarchy

Thank you Captain! I have skinned the Drupal version of LC, I agree it is easier. I have also successfully skinned the stand alone version now (just last night). I am still confused though, for a while I had my new skin enabled, and the XCN skin enabled, and my skin seemed to be overwriting the XCN skin. Not sure if it is because it initialized first, or what.

I am still curious if there is a hierarchical order of skins, and how that is determined if it exists. This would be pretty important, if you wanted to sell an XCN skin, you would want to know if you should instruct users to disable their existing skin, or if you could code it to put your custom skin first in priority.

I'll download the latest version soon, I am still working on the extremely old beta version that was released 2 whole weeks ago.
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