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Default X-Payments with Google Analytics Conversion Code

Anyone using Google Analytics with conversion tracking and X-Payments?

I use AlteredCart CheckoutOne w/ XPC so it may be my mod, but...

I have discovered that *my* Google Analytics conversion code is NOT tracking when paid by credit card (x-payments). Now, it very well could be my AlteredCart mod.... but just in case it isn't:

Can someone please verify (yes it will require a test transaction)...

1. make sure your google analytics code is on and tracking ecommerce.
2. make an order, pay with credit card (x-payments)
3. when you get back to the success page:
3. TURN ON webmaster mode (reload order_message page)
LOOK for variable:
it should be "Y" - but in my store, when paying by credit card, {$ga_track_commerce} is "N" ??????

If {$ga_track_commerce} is "N", all kinds of tracking data fails to send.

This has been a TOTAL PITA to troubleshoot this.
Is this my custom XPC code?

Anyone else wondering if their GA conversion tracking has not been working right?
xcart 4.5.4 gold+ w/x-payments 1.0.6; xcart gold 4.4.4
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