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Default Import with Images

I am trying to an import that includes images. I have a field called 'images' in my import file and the value in this field is 'product-image.jpg" (this o f course varies for each product).

I have uploaded all of my images for the products being imported to the following directory:


I am currently importing 162 products. I created a single product and exported so I can see the format. I then exported the products I would like to import from my old shopping cart and made all needed changes so that it matched what was in my X-Cart export.

I decided to do a test import with only a few products to make sure everything worked as expected, but I got the following critical error:

Error of image loading. Make sure the "images" directory has write permissions.

So I went to the following directory and added write permissions:


And I also added write permissions to the following directories as well:


I tried again and it still did not work so I added write permissions to the following directory as well as all sub directories:


Still no luck. At this point I removed the image field from my test file that had a few products and did the import. This is where it gets strange, not only did it import, but it imported the images as well. I removed these test products, add the images back and imported and everything was working fine.

So I decided it was time to import all 162 products and I am back to the permissions error. However when I cancelled the import and went back to my categories page I noticed that it imported 20 products with images, so I assume the needed folders have the correct permissions.

What am I doing wrong???

X-Cart 5.2 &
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