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Thanks for taking the time out of your day to post a good walk-through for those who are newbies to x-cart and lite commerce, it defiantly helps alot of people!

I would agree that more of these kinds of postings should start to appear here on the forum, really giving those out there a valuable resource when diving into a new product. The more details and information you have the better you a prepared and know what your limits are when planning.

Couple of notes I'd like to add:

After I've cut my photoshop template up into an html file, the first thing I will do is copy all of my images/ into skin1/images/ on my server. I will then proceed to edit my .html file and replace all instances of images/ with {$ImagesDir}/ this will make it fairly easy for me to copy and paste my .html into the .tpl's for later use.

The two first file I most ALWAYS edit are:
skin1/head.tpl and skin1/customer/home.tpl

These files are pretty much the "core" of the customer side as well as the header for the top part of your store.

After a bit of editing and re-arranging I will then proceed to edit skin1/skin1.css and make proper adjustments to this as I see fit.

From here on is where I either go deeper into more .tpl files making adjustments in (sometimes) almost every file so that it will better fit my photoshop template that I have original planned out or I will leave it as is, if not much customization is needed.

Again, the key here to template editing is planning, the more planning and preparing you do the better off you'll be and have a quicker turn-around which all clients like.

Anyhow, kudos for the posting!

P.S. I know us 'Moderators' have been pretty swamped lately, new Quarter of the year, new budgets, so my apologizes on mine and their behalfs if sometimes we do seem scarce.
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