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Default Re: flexible order quantities

Hi Stevec,

Thank you for taking interest in our software and welcome aboard!

> I would like to sell items by the yard with the minimum qty to be
> purchased being 1/2 yard. Currently I can only go with whole numbers.
> What all is involved to allow this to be possible?

X-Cart doesn't support fractional qties, it needs to be customized accordingly and we have done such projects actually (sorry, cannot give samples other than listed at due to our privacy policy)

But I come up with one idea for you: you say you want to sell by yards and 1/2 yard of the minimal possible. What if you specify in your web shops that a "1 item" is 1/2 yard? Thus 2 items will be 1 yard, 3 items 1 and a half yards, etc. You can replace label "item" with "1/2 yard" in X-Cart front-end so it will items for X-Cart code but 1/2 yard for your web-site visitors.

Does it work for you?

Sincerely yours,
Alex Mulin
VP of Business Development for X-Cart
X-Payments product manager
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