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Default Re: Greybox Smart Window v5.53 Implementation

Followed the directions to a T and it looks great (when it works) but I now have both features and the GreyBox works on and off. The default x-cart and the GreyBox links appear one above the other.

Sometimes the "Enlarge for detail" link on GreyBox just takes you to the image itself, one has to hit the back button on the browser to go back to the product page.

It looks great in FireFox, but it is so wide in IE 7.0 that the close button is hidden and one has to scroll to the right to see it. It's frustrating for a visitor as the site is fluid and fits fine on my high resolution screen (1280x1024). Is there anyway to reduce the size of the navigation bar?

This is what the code in the product.tpl looks like after commenting out, please see if you see a mistake there:

{*{if $active_modules.Detailed_Product_Images ne "" && ($config.Detailed_Product_Images.det_image_popup ne 'Y' || $js_enabled ne 'Y')}
<br />
{include file="modules/Detailed_Product_Images/product_images.tpl" }

I found this line further up:

{if $active_modules.Detailed_Product_Images ne "" && $config.Detailed_Product_Images.det_image_popup eq 'Y' && $images ne '' && $js_enabled eq 'Y'}
{include file="modules/Detailed_Product_Images/popup_image.tpl"}
{include file="greybox/gb_productpage.tpl" }

Then commented out the first portion and got this error:

Error: Smarty error: [in customer/main/product.tpl line 19]: syntax error: unexpected {elseif} (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 476) in /home/...../Smarty-2.6.12/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /home/......./var/templates_c/%%70^70F^70F20BF0%%product.tpl.php on line 40

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much - it looks fantastic! It will be even better when I get rid of the quirks.
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