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Default Starting a New Site (a slow coming How-To)

I'm starting a thread here to document my mods to a new site I am building and to solicit any advice or work I should be doing as I go. There are lots of smart people around here, so I would appreciate all of your suggestions.

Maybe some newbies will be able to use this as a guideline by the time I am done.

Site = 3.5.7
Installed to Web Root Directory

Changed default SALT codes and fixed up admin p/w

Changed default customer, admin and provider dir names via

Upgraded Smarty Template Engine to 2.6.2 RETURNED TO 2.5.0, bug problems

Changed index.php to header redirect to catalog/index.html

Edit copyright.tpl

Add Update button on every product line in the shopping cart

Hack ALT image tag for keyword density

Get rid of the product ID # on the detailed product page.

Cleanup Checkout Screen

Optimise Page Title Text (removes spaces etc.)

Optimise Page Title Text Part 2 (for Search Engines)

Log IP Numbers in both Orders AND registration (a must if you ask me)

Disable tracking statistics for site speed increase
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