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Originally Posted by Duramax 6.6L
I to am going to stick with 4.1.8 until the bugs are worked out. My upgrade pack I tried on my test instalation said it could not pach the skin1/head.tpl. The only modification to that file is the image I show on my site. I hope that get these problems worked out and provide us with a working upgrade pack. I would hate to have to manually update all the files in this update.

This is expected behavior. If you modify any of the files that are later upgraded by Qualiteam, you will get a warning that it cannot be patched and you must manually apply the updates yourself. The way patch files are applied are by diffing the files. If you've modified the file, there is no way the patch diff will match and that file will be flagged as unpatchable.

This is just another reason why everyone who modifies their X-Cart should be using a version control system such as Subversion to help managing merging/applying updates.
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