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Default Re: Manufacturer's logos listed on front page

Originally Posted by tamicampos
Thank you so much. That's what I have been trying to do. I have learned a lot and the community forum is invaluable!!!!

I have a question about the Dreamweaver translator. I started on Dreamweaver and then got turned on to x-cart so I am familiar with it. I loaded the translator into Dreamweaver but now I was wondering if I open a new file as a PHP document or stick with the HTML blank document. I have never worked with PHP in Dreamweaver. (I know smarty's are a little different). Also, did you copy all of your templates into the text editor or just do one template at a time?

Thanks again.

The only plug-in I use is see attached file.

You need to create and edit .tpl files not php files to change the design of your store. These are all in your skin1 directory and sub directories. Example if you want to set a maximum width for your site you edit rectangle_top.tpl, mine is 950 pixels etc etc.

If you screw up don't worry, if the tpl file is still open in DW, the old Undo (Ctrl Z)is a godsend. Worst case scenario there's always the original tpl file in skin1_original that you can copy back into your skin1 directory.

I only work on individual tpl files, but that could be just me. Others may open up as many as they're comfortable with.

"Also, I am getting an error message saying that the smarty translator did not load b/c it says "has configuration information that is invalid". I am not sure that I saved it properly as a .diff file (not sure how to do it). That might be the problem. Help!"

Don't really know what translator you are using, the ones I know of are installed via the DW Extension Manager, there's no creating .diff files. See first line of reply.

Have fun
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