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Default Re: Manufacturer's logos listed on front page

Got it. This works in 4.0.17 and 4.0.19

root>skin1>modules>Manufacturers>menu_manufacturer s.tpl

Remove or put <!-- --> around this:

<A href="manufacturers.php?manufacturerid={$manufactu rers_menu[mid].manufacturerid}" class=VertMenuItems>{$manufacturers_menu[mid].manufacturer}</A>

Replace with:

<a href="manufacturers.php?manufacturerid={$manufactu rers_menu[mid].manufacturerid}"><img src="mlogo.php?manufacturerid={$manufacturers_menu [mid].manufacturerid} " alt="{$products[product].manufacturer}" border="0" /></a>

You may have to play with the alt tag a bit. alt="{$manufacturer.manufacturer}" and alt="{$product.manufacturer}" may work in your situation.

I didn't have to touch the php file. Hope this helps someone and glad I could contrib to this thread. Thanks for starting it.
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