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Hi @amarquis,

Sorry for the late answer and hope it is still relevant to you.

If you look at the implementation of the \XLite\Model\Profile::getName() method you will see its implementation as follows:

public function getName($useDefault = true) { $address = $this->getBillingAddress() ?: $this->getShippingAddress(); return $address && ($address->getFirstname() || $address->getLastname()) ? trim($address->getFirstname() . ' ' . $address->getLastname()) : ($useDefault ? $this->getDefaultName() : ''); } protected function getDefaultName() { return $this->isAdmin() ? static::t('na_admin') : static::t('na_customer'); }

In short words, X-Cart tries to pull either billing or shipping address, but if there are none and $useDefault is not passed or passed as true, it will either return 'Customer' or 'Admin' depending on the user type. If the $useDefault param is passed as 'false', it will return the empty string as you would expect.

So, you should just call it like this
PHP Code:


Originally Posted by amarquis
If a vendor removes all addresses from his address book, why does the following function return "Administrator" ??

PHP Code:
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