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Default Re: Feed Manager not working after server transfer

I just learned from Firetank that 4.1.9 will break Marketing Manager Pro, and Feed Manager, and any of their add-ons that have an admin page:

If you have any mods from us that have an admin page (featured product manager, feed manager, glossary, product options copier, etc.) then those will all need to be updated.

The good/bad of this: if you are not in product warranty period, you will either have to buy a support plan --or-- buy any new product from Firetank and your support plan is extended as part of your purchase. I just discovered this for Marketing Manager Pro (everything seemed to work - except sending newsletters) - so I bought a mod that I had my eye on and just saved a bunch (vs. buying the mod AND a support plan).

Xcart really did a number on the user community with 4.1.9 -- it is a MUCH more significant upgrade than what appears on the surface... it may be a significantly better product, but it broke a bunch of stuff...

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