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Default Re: Attention: PayPal Express Checkout Update

"Switch your checkout to non-legacy PayPal Checkout. This version allows X-Cart to retrieve your PayPal credentials via login, which should be easier than manually retrieving your API credentials. Please note that this is our primary integration and it will receive the most frequent updates."

Seems this is for xcart 5 users not ver 4.7.x

Checked and I have API calls being made with API Access Username etc

And yet I still occasionally get "no token needed" when checking out with Paypal - I would say it happens one time in every 7 orders - and there is no pattern to it - different browsers, different OS's etc , some are registered xcart users - others are checking out as anon

So Im stuck - other than ditch paypal and go to somewhere like Sage Pay - or look to jump off xcart and go to ecwid , used ecwid before on lots of sites - and it's drag drop - copy paste 5 lines of text - or just install the wordpress plugin and everything else is done for you
x-cart Gold Plus 4.7.12
CDSEO Pro latest ver
ReDux template - it's great
php 7.x
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