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Exclamation Attention: PayPal Express Checkout Update

Due to a recent update at PayPal, our legacy PayPal Express integration can no longer support email-only setup, and thus requires API credential configuration.

IMPORTANT: This does not affect the non-legacy PayPal Checkout.

If you are using email-only configuration type for legacy PayPal Express Checkout, we recommend one of the two options:

1. Switch your checkout to non-legacy PayPal Checkout. This version allows X-Cart to retrieve your PayPal credentials via login, which should be easier than manually retrieving your API credentials. Please note that this is our primary integration and it will receive the most frequent updates.

2. If you prefer to keep PayPal Express Checkout, you must update your config to use your API credentials. For a step-by-step instruction, please refer to these articles in the knowledge bases for X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 respectively.

We will roll out an update shortly that removes the email-only setup from PayPal Express Checkout to prevent future configuration issues.

If you are not sure which PayPal integration you are using or need any help setting up either the legacy PayPal Express or the current PayPal Checkout integration, please contact support and we will be happy to help you.
Nastya Zhavoronkova, X-Cart
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