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Default Re: Recently Viewed Mod

pegpub and others,


Any chance of modifying this so it will work in the left column? I have a 2 column layout and would love to have this feature.
For pegpub and those who have a two column layout or want to place the Recently Viewed mod on the left side, just do the following:

First of all, install the mod as outlined in Post #1 and placing the include recently_viewed.tpl anywhere in the left column in your home.tpl file.

Then create a file by copying the code below and name it recently_viewed_2.tpl and place it in the skin1/customer/main/ folder.
{literal} <script type="text/javascript"> if (p0){ } else {var p0=null; } var p1=getCookie("p1"); var p2=getCookie("p2"); var p3=getCookie("p3"); var p4=getCookie("p4"); if(p0 !=null && p0 != p1 && p0 != p2 && p0 != p3 && p0 !=p4){ setCookie("p1",p0) setCookie("p2",p1) setCookie("p3",p2) setCookie("p4",p3) } </script> {/literal}
And the last step is open the skin1/customer/home.tpl and find:
{include file="customer/home_main.tpl"}
And after that line place the following code:
{include file="customer/main/recently_viewed_2.tpl"}
Hopefully that should take care of the left column view problem.

NOTE: This modification is not needed if you place the Recently Viewed mod on the right column or in the middle column.

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