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Default Re: Frontpage Slideshow

How to call the code with the free slide would be a bit of an issue. Regarding Frontpage slide I would be able to help with this. Where to place the code is not an issue either depending on where you want the slide to show on your site. Mine is placed in skin1/customer/main/welcome.tpl

Originally Posted by RSprinkel
THats a clean looking slide show and really like it. Thanks for the info.

Dan, thanks for the information, very much appreciated. May try the free one first, but I need to figure out the call to code to call the slide show and figure out where to put the code since X-Cart is completely different from what I am used to.

Wish the free one had some type of general install instructs, but ohh well.


Xcart version:
4.1.10 GOLD
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