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Default Re: Remove Invoices from Sales Order

Originally Posted by Dawn Howard
When I (admin) print out a sales order, I don't need the product image to print. How can I remove them? Thanks in advance. ♥
There will be other (probably better, suggestions) but assuming that you're printing the invoice from within admin.php (not the html e-mail invoice) and... that the specific printer you're using does NOT give already you that option within the Printer Dialog box (quite a lot do) and... that you're okay with coding yourself, you could use the somewhat clunky, but reasonably functional Webmaster Kit Add-on ( to identify the specific XC5 admin template(s) etc that are already being used and then.... write your own Custom Module to apply template changes that either remove all of those images by default and/or give you the option to remove all images. Or... you could ask one of the many talented third parties on here to do all of the preceding for you as a paid project if you're not wanting to get involved in coding etc. Depending on your choice, it might be the law of diminishing returns if it's not a vital requirement though
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