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Default AnyBody Dealing With Firetank Software

Hi I wondered if this company is on holiday
I have put 2 queries through the contact system and nothing no reply or any thing
Am i the only one having a problem with getting answers ??
Yet i find them good when i can contact them

My question is that i have two separate websites running from 1 database and working through 1 Xcart admin (Gold Mall from BCSE)

Before We joined the the two data bases I could submit two seperate websites with seperate feeds to google bases,

Now with only 1 admin for 2 websites I need a 2 seperate google feeds for each site, under the 1 admin Picking out the products in the categories from each individule site.

The site are differant and have differant Categories Names but products are shared from the database

My main site has the fire tank google feed mod, and i would like it to have two feed mods in same admin, I do expect to pay for a extra licence Plus
But nearly a week no reply
or is there any better sugestion out there to this problem
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