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Default Re: Refine Filters module released

Originally Posted by Howard Fan
We ship wine to different states. Currently we are using the "Product Shipping Restrictions" module to restrict certain wines from going to certain locations. How can we use the Refine Filters module to "filter" the category / search pages based on which wines go where?

Ideal use case: Customer selects state from a filter, all the wines that can go to that state display.



The Refine Filters are perfect for this. In admin you would set up a filter called State and create all of the State options you need. Then you visit each product and assign the filters.

You can demo the filters to some degree here: In the admin side of the demo, you can find most of the settings for the filters under the Catalog tab - Refine Filters or the Settings tab under modules and then select Refine Filters out of the module list.

I have used them for an e-commerce store before and they work great. No longer own it, but they are still in use on the site. If you want to see a real world example of the filters in use you can PM me for more info.
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