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Default Re: X-Payments with Google Analytics Conversion Code

I just got off the phone with a senior code guy from Google Adwords/Analytics (in India) and he thinks the x-cart code is a mess - but without knowing the reasons WHY the kludgy redundancies, he can't make suggestions to improve it.

He confirmed that the last round of edits that I made were working -- we did a bunch of test transactions starting with AdWords as well as organic search as well as just typing in my URL. We checked out with paypal and credit card. We confirmed that the brute-force edits that we made put the correct code into the order_message success page in all situations, and now, finally, my site is tracking correctly.

But using the stock GA code, especially since using x-payments, the tracking has not been working.

I URGE everyone using x-payments to triple check their GA tracking code and verify conversion tracking. You may be surprised at what you find.

If X-cart wants to know what I learned here, please ask, and I will share.
xcart 4.5.4 gold+ w/x-payments 1.0.6; xcart gold 4.4.4
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