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Wink Re: Highlight current menu item

A big thanks to Wazowski
I have Xcart 455
I replaced <li> block with this code (I just changed the color) and it works great with flyout and option tree like expanding and show category triangles...and Clear templates/X-Cart cache

<li id="cat-layer-{$c.categoryid}"{interline name=$loop_name additional_class=$additional_class}>
{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_disable_subcat_triangle eq 'Y' and $c.subcategory_count gt 0}
<a href="home.php?cat={$catid}" class="arrow" onclick="javascript: return switchSubcatLayer(this);"></a>
<!-- current category highlight -->
{if $current_category.categoryid eq $c.categoryid}
<a href="home.php?cat={$catid}" style="background-color: #c6d6f4;">
<!-- /current category highlight -->
<a href="home.php?cat={$catid}" class="{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_icons_in_categories gte $level+1}icon-link{/if}{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_disable_subcat_triangle eq 'Y' and $c.subcategory_count gt 0} sub-link{/if}{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_empty_category_vis eq 'Y' and not $c.childs and not $c.product_count} empty-link{/if}{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_nowrap_category ne 'Y'} nowrap-link{/if}">
{if $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_display_products_cnt eq 'Y' and $c.top_product_count gt 0}
{if $c.childs and $c.subcategory_count gt 0 and ($config.Flyout_Menus.icons_levels_limit eq 0 or $config.Flyout_Menus.icons_levels_limit gt $level)}
{include file="`$fc_skin_path`/fancy_subcategories_exp.tpl" categories_menu_list=$c.childs parentid=$catid level=$level+1}
X-cart 4.5.5
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