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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Originally Posted by kevinrm
....So outside of having it show up for EU only, I'm fine with the module as it is.
Thanks @kevinrm for posting your opinion

FWIW We think it's badly designed, poorly thought out and not fit for purpose as a stand-alone module. Being dependent on another module to be of any real use (and allow useful self-configuration) still equates to our 'dogs breakfast' analogy in our opinion. Sledgehammer to crack a nut etc

Good for you that you already have (and use/need elsewhere) the additional free XC Geolocation Module because without that, currently, on it's own, the the XC GDPR module is pointless. Other XC5 storeowners have no need or desire for this additional module, other than having to use it alongside the XC GDPR module... All of which, XC seem to have conveniently ignored / by passed / placed in the 'too hard' pile...

Again FWIW, as far as we're aware, there is no 'compliant' way round the cookie pop-up warning for any visitor, regardless of country (e.g. see @cflsystems previous post) but there should be the ability to turn that OFF without needing another module to do so. In our re-work suggestion, we've covered that settings change already

On your final point, the inability to remove the mandatory warning / consent notice at check out for non-affected counties. Yep, it's pure comedy and underlines the lack planning / sufficient effort that's very clear on this module's "functionality". We have also covered this particular shortfall too, in our re-work suggestions, which you may have noticed and without banging the drum for too long, the re-worked module will work, entirely on it's own and... provide the answers to all of these queries / nags / bugs / errors / lack of planning / poor interaction etc It just needs providing - soon!

XC Team step up and be counted please. This module needs a re-work ASAP
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