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Default Re: 4.1.9 breaks some Firetank mods

All current products are now x-cart 4.1.9 x compatible.

Thank you, Groovico, for addressing this as quickly as you did...

I am very happy to report that Firetank support on this issue has been top-shelf.

The unfortunate part of X-Cart's latest upgrade was they changed a few critical things without notifying any developers before they released it. I URGE every single person reading this to send a nasty email to xcart management and tell them they can't do these things going forward...

In the case of Firetank's Marketing Manager Pro, the ONLY function that "broke" was sending the newsletter, so it was not apparant that this was broken at all... until it was time to send a newsletter -- and of course, most of us are on-deadline when sending test emails... hopefully approving after a revision or three, then sending overnight... this put my holiday newletter a day behind schedule -- but it could have been MUCH WORSE had Firetank support not been EXCEPTIONAL and prepared to give me the new file.

Thanks again for the fast fix.
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