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I'm with you, Duramax. I have to admit that the PayPal duplicate invoice error I mentioned above does not occur in a default installation of 4.1.9. So I messed up something in my customization and/or one or more of my mods (see signature) is causing a problem.

However, there seem to be many complaints regarding this version and I noticed that the support team posted a message that they are swamped right now. 4.1.8 has been working well for me throughout my customization/testing process so I think I will stick with it and wait for a later 4.1.x version that doesn't seem to cause so many problems.

I would like to hear from anyone who is running 4.1.9 and is using any of the BCS Engineering mods listed in my signature. If so, please let me know if you're having any luck. I've decided not to waste my time going through to check what changes I've made have caused my 4.1.9 to fail. I'm just going to plow forward with my 4.1.8 and try to go live soon. So if anyone can tell me whether these mods work properly with 4.1.9, it would be a great help to me in deciding what to look for the next time I try to upgrade.

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