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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

Unless things have changed (again), since my last discussion with X-Cart, the pricing and information listed here are a bit confusing. Obviously, the point that they're going with here is the intent to create ongoing cash flow for themselves that the user-first, open-source business model doesn't provide.

When I talked to them a month or so ago, there were a few options:
- X-Cart Cloud (hosted?) and X-Cart Enterpise
- $1910/yr for Enterprise and $3,340/year for Multi Vendor Enterprise
- You can stay with your current XC4 licenese, and/or upgrade to XC55 license (free/discounted) and the yearly "access fee" to upgrades is $195/yr (within 30 days of expiration), and $350/yr (outside of 30 days)
- It's "worth noting" that the Enterprise plan comes with CloudSearch (~$539/yr+), 24/7 support, and obviously upgrades. The support alone is equal to the subscription fee.

All in all, the take away, again assuming this hasn't changed since our conversation a month or so ago, is that you can keep your licenese and/or upgrade your current licenese, gain access to upgrades thru yearly "access fee".

I'm not sure how this works with new liceneses, but like before couldn't you contact X-Cart directly and purchase XC4 licenses? You could do that, then in turn upgrade them to XC5 "lifelong" licenses?
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