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Default Re: x-cart 4 licenses and upgrade to x-cart 5

Hi @lcg,

Thank you for your message.

Just sent you an email about license exchange.

As for license selling, I am sorry, it is not allowed on forums.


Originally Posted by lcg
Hope I can get someone to assist me with a couple of X-Cart upgrade and licensing issues; I've not been around the forum for quite a while and the changes to X-Cart, versions are overwhelming. I am considering upgrading my existing X-Cart website to X-Cart 5. (In addition, I own 2 additional, unused, X-Cart 4 licenses.)

My questions:

1. To upgrade my existing X-Cart 4 store to X-Cart 5 Business, how much is the cost of the license, considering I would be upgrading from one of the X-Cart 4 licenses that I own? How much additional or total cost?

2. Can I sell my 2 other existing licenses here and if so, can someone guide me to what is a fair selling price?

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