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Default Re: Loyalty Program module for X-Cart 5

When I tried to upgrade, it died on step 13 and I got this error:

Run the "Upgrade_PostRebuildActions" plugin...
...Invoke actions for QSL\LoyaltyProgram
...Invoke classes/XLite/Module/QSL/LoyaltyProgram/upgrade/5.2/10/post_rebuild.php hook for QSL\LoyaltyProgram...
ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2)

Call to a member function getCode() on null

It also locked me out of the store. I had to remove xcart_dir>/var/.rebuildStarted to get back into the admin, but the store would not reopen. So I rebuilt the cache, and got stuck again on step 13. Repeated removing said file. Now I'm back in admin, store is open, and module version is 5.2.10. However, I'm pretty sure if I try to recache my store this will occur again, and I'm not really sure this thing is working or not.
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