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Originally Posted by rowdybunny
Thanks for the replies. I will try to make some of the suggested changes and see if they help. However, I am having some issues with the forums and my own posts not showing up for me so. so while support was looking into this, as I could not reply to this post, I did some playing around myself and it seems to me like the issue is stranger then I thought!

Whenever I enable the custom CSS that was there by default it throws the entire template out of whack. As soon as it was enabled it was making things that were supposed to be dark grey blue etc and completely changing the template. I only want to make a few small changes nothing radical like what was happening when I enabled the custom css.

So I assumed this was the default CSS already in the custom CSS. So I decided to remove EVERYTHING there by default and then enable it with nothing there. When I did this it changed everything as it did when the default CSS was there.

At this point I went and found the file that the template was using for it's CSS and made a small change and the change of course worked fine. I decided that I did not want to change the original file, so I copied the entire CSS file into the custom CSS, enabled it and I was back to the radical changes I was getting with the default custom CSS and no CSS in there.

I'm having trouble trying to figure out where it is getting the CSS from when I enable the custom CSS!
When Custom CSS is enabled, your changes are stored in the var/theme/custom.css file.
Could you please be more specific about what exactly you are trying to add to that section and what exactly is not working for you?
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