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Default Custom CSS??

I am new to X-cart and I am currently working on two new websites using x-cart. Things have gone smoothly with the first cart so far, but not so much with second.

I am trying to make some basic changes to the custom css and they do not seem to be working. For the cart that I am experiences issues with I am using the Digital template.

When I make a change to the custom CSS nothing happens. I have use custom CSS checked. I know the custom CSS is working for two reasons, first when I check the 'Use Custom CSS' box and click save the site changes to whatever is in the default custom CSS before my changes. Second if I change my template from Digital to Standard, the background is no longer white, but it is black as I have set in the custom CSS.

Some of the changes I am trying to make in the custom CSS that are just not happening are:

1. I'd like to have a background image. I added the following to the custom CSS:

body { background-image: url(file://public/spring.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-color: #000; }

The default background is already black, when I change #000 to #FFF it does not change to white and I do not see my background image.

2. I've also changed the following to change the color of the text in the Nav Bar to #E10000 but again no luck.

.navbar-inverse { background-color: #44596f; border-color: #44596f; color: #E10000; } .navbar-inverse .navbar-nav > li > a:hover, .navbar-inverse .navbar-nav > li > a:focus { color: #E10000; background-color: #44596f; }

So what am I missing?

X-Cart 5.2 &
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