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Default Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template

Hi Phil, Thank you for sending the files so quickly after purchase! Install was very smooth and quick. Looking under the hood you've really made things much easier for the user to get up and running fast and for those of use who tweak to easily find the file we're looking for. There are a few things I miss (from Ability) but the change make sense for a responsive template that has to live with the recent x-cart changes and now the 3 versions.

I've not had much time to test and have a couple of formatting issues but I need to see if it's from my settings. If it seems to be reBOOT I'll send to you.

Great Job!

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X-Cart GoldPlus v4.7.12 | reBOOT (reDUX) Template v4.7.12.9 | Dev
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