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Unhappy Re: Search and find products "Hidden, but available for sale" in frontend?

Originally Posted by JWait
I don't think it is possible, at least not without some custom coding. The real question is why would you want to do this? Hidden means just that, it is a product that is hidden from the customer but can still be purchased or added to an order. Allowing it in a search would defeat the purpose of having it. If you want the customer to see it, just set the status to "available for sale".

We are trying to do just that. We have a store that builds customized class rings. The only thing that shows up in the search are visible product but NOT the product variables. In our search stats we see that people are searching for things like "drums" and "Cougar". Even though we have emblems as variants taged, they will not appear in the search. This is bad. THAT is why we need to have a VISIBLE product that is NOT for sale; We need those variables to show up in the search because we KNOW people are searching for those things.

So to answer why we would want to do that, we want to satisfy our customers needs.
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