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Default Re: Adding Commission Integration from JROX-JAM into X-Cart 5 Multi-Vendor

Originally Posted by Blainevk
JROX is telling me to look for the file: /customer/main/order_message.tpl in X-cart

This is XC4 file so you won't find it in XC5. I suspect this service have not heard about XC5 and they have no integration with it.
The order_message template in XC4 is loading on the order confirmation (thank you) page and it loads the order info/invoice. The equivalent in XC5 is the CheckoutSuccess.php controller. From there you can get what/where to load. But them it has to be done as a module and the data you need to load with the integration will be different from the XC4 one. You can't just take whatever they give you and modify files unless they give you ready XC5 module for the integration.
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