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Default Re: PayPal cart item totals error- Solved?

Originally Posted by random
Please note that this issue was fixed in 2.2 only for the PayPal Pro (Payflow API) gateway.
"Payflow Pro" itself left untouched since it is an universal module (e.g. it may use FDMS instead of PayPal), but this issue is only related to PayPal. We'll consider to change this behavior to avoid such issues in future.

But anyway, If you use PayPal through Payflow you'd better use PayPal Pro (Payflow API) module, since it is absolutely same as Payflow Pro, but supports PayPal-only features (like IPN).

Here we are years later and this problem still exists in the Payflow API module on Very sad as we were the ones that paid the OP to work on this issue. I have filed a support ticket and would like this resolved please.
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