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Default Re: XC5 anomolies - invoice contents, duplicate messages etc.

Originally Posted by tony_sologubov
Yes, this is correct behaviour. If you are using an on-line payment method, you will not receive an initial order notification even if corresponding options are enabled under 'Store Setup -> Contact Information'. That is because online payment method almost instantly can tell whether the payment is accepted or not.

That is why these options only work for offline payment methods like Purchase Order.

I understand that you say this is the 'correct behavior' but correct according to who?
Almost every web site I purchase from does an authorization when placing an order and I get an email notification that the order was received. When the order is shipped I get a shipping notification and the payment is captured.
How can I get the customer an 'order received' notification similar to your offline processing? This is the correct behavior according to most web sites.
When you authorize a payment then that amount is reserved against the customers credit/debit card and you have about 30 days to capture. So your statement implies that until you actually capture the payment there is no order?

Originally Posted by tony_sologubov
X-Cart 5.2 will have a detailed settings page for order notifications though.

I have been working on getting XC5 up since I purchased it just after it was released, When you released fly-out menus I finally had sufficient functionality in XC5 to be able to migrate. I don't have the luxury for waiting another month or two for new features that might or might not enable what I need.

Is there a hook, that I can use, to enable sending email notifications on credit card capture? I really don't want to have to browse through more code than I need to.
X-Cart: 5.2.6
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