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Default Re: XC5 anomolies - invoice contents, duplicate messages etc.

I finally managed to get all my changes into the modules under mail and they all work as expected.

However I was still getting duplicate 'changed' messages so I applied your module that you listed above (that disables changed messages). However I now get no Order Notification messages at sales or the customer email address. I have them enabled under 'Store Setup -> Contact Information'.

I would expect an order confirmation message to be sent at the same time that the order shows up on the screen. Is this a bug or am I overlooking something blatantly obvious?

Please note that I am using stripe and it is set to only authorize the payment - Florida Law requires that we charge/capture only when we ship.

I just tested Payment Method Purchase Order then I get an order confirmation. I would think that Paypal might also work but I can't test that as it points back to our live server.
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