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Default XC5 anomolies - invoice contents, duplicate messages etc.

I am in the process of finalizing our transition from XC4 to XC5. I have noticed a number of issues.

We first wanted to change the layout of the online invoice. when we used the following code in our module:

PHP Code:
it removed the default logo and address and we could add our own in our skin/module folder. However it also removed the corresponding fields from the emailed invoice. We could not find any way to add that back to the invoice as overwriting email fields/parts does not seem to be documented - we had to create a new file and place it in /mail/en/order/invoice/parts with a new section header i.e. invoice.ourhead.

Secondly we are using stripe and every test order produces two 'your order has changed' messages but no order notification irrespective of the settings on the notification sections of contact information page. I would think that changes would only occur if changes are made after the order was received.

Is there a way to overwrite email items with a custom module and is there a way to figure out why no order notification is received, only two changed notices?
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