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Default Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)

Try adding a break tag to the bottom div, like this
{* $Id: dialog.tpl,v 1.8 2008/11/26 06:31:47 cray Exp $ vim: set ts=2 sw=2 sts=2 et: *} {* Mods - replaced entire contents to make rounded boxes *} {if $printable ne ''} {include file="dialog_printable.tpl"} {else} <div class="xrounded{if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}"> <b class="xtop"> <b class="xb1"></b> <b class="xb2 color_a"></b> <b class="xb3 color_a"></b> <b class="xb4 color_a"></b> </b> <div class="xboxcontent{if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}"> <h1 class="color_a{if $printable ne 'Y'} title-with-sort-row{/if}">{$title}</h1> <div class="dialog-search-sort-bar"> {if $selected eq '' && $direction eq ''} {include file="customer/search_sort_by.tpl" selected=$search_prefilled.sort_field direction=$search_prefilled.sort_direction url=$products_sort_url} {else} {include file="customer/search_sort_by.tpl" url=$products_sort_url} {/if} </div> <div class="content{if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}">{$content}<br /></div> </div> <b class="xbottom"> <b class="xb4"></b> <b class="xb3"></b> <b class="xb2"></b> <b class="xb1"></b> </b> </div> {/if}
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