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Default CyberSource Internal Error

Anyone out there successfully using the CyberSource SOAP Toolkit API with X-Payments? We have a cart version 4.5.4 with all the correct settings and security key file in place and continue to get "Internal Error" on the checkout page. We have verified that our CyberSource settings are correct by setting it up in an older version of the cart successfully.

The error we get within the X-Payments error log is below:

ERROR [2012-13-12 17:27:17]
User: unknown; IP:
Zone: Transport
File "Path/to/the/cybersource/security/key/txt/file" does not exist or is not readable

The file path listed is correct. After digging into the X-Payments files, I found it was producing this error because it couldn't find the config.local.ini.php file and the labels.csv file. I placed instances of these files in the correct directory and still received the same error as above.

Is this a bug within X-Payments? Or is there an issue with permissions? We are at a loss right now, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

X-Cart version 4.5.4
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