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Default Re: Site Structured Data module for X-Cart Classic

Yes I know about this and looked at it some time ago. However it is mostly for dedicated FAQ pages. It can be used on any page you have some FAQs of course but since XC has no such thing out of the box and no module for something like this it will be really hard if not impossible to cover all use cases.

Some sites use Phil's theme for FAQ, some use static page, others have some custom coded module... There is no common source to build this from. It can be custom coded on per site basis though in anyone is interested.

And before anyone asks - no, this module does not qualify - - as it falls outside Google's guidelines

One way to add this will be if I add a whole new page for the module in admin to enter Q and A for FAQs but some may find this not too convenient - now you have 2 places with the same info you need to update if anything changes... Not the best way to handle this
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