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Default Re: X-Cart and 5.2.18 Released to Ensure Stable Upgrade to 5.3 for Live Stores

Originally Posted by kevinrm
The merchant wave of has already released, I never upgrade unless it's merchant wave
Ahhh we see. Thanks. The is still at developer wave at the time of us writing this reply, so we assumed that would be too
Originally Posted by kevinrm
There was a tinymce module upgrade when I went from 5.2.17 to 5.2.18
Yep that's the one we are referring too. Did you get the extra unnecessary file? (check your server...)
Originally Posted by kevinrm
We are running this on PHP 5.6.22. I had been waiting to upgrade to 5.3 before upgrading to PHP 7
We ran a trial XC 4.7.6 on PHP 7 with our old archive 4.1.9 still on PHP 4... Despite the obvious XC improvements, PHP 7 ran faultlessly as did 4.7.6 when using it, albeit only as a trial but we think there was more of a risk with the XC upgrade than with using PHP 7 though
Originally Posted by kevinrm
By the way, I ran this upgrade from 5.2.18 to in one wave, all modules and core all at the same time and it went completely smooth. I did that based on the behavior of the development store - zero problems
Nice to hear What about your own customisations / alterations? Where they all within Custom CSS/JS and Webmaster Mode? That should indeed make it smooth and easy unlike skins/custom_skin which must be done manually.
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