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Default Re: X-Payments markes orders Failed after a month

Sure think we will consider these feature suggestions, Steve.

> - admin can turn on/off this automated process

We can do it and most probably include into one of nearest X-Payments features. But in this case merchants will have to follow up with not captured orders manually.

> - admin can manually change order status in X-Payments so if they charge directly
> in the payment gateway they can make X-Payments aware of this

Depends pretty much on payment gateway API here if they ever support such informing. We will check later on this as this can be a quite big update.

> - allow admin to set the period instead of hardcoding it to 30 days - not sure if this
> is even possible but if it is X-Payments can read this period from the payment
> gateway as not all are 30 days I guess?

Usually it is 30 days and it is how banks work with authorized only and not captured credit card payments.

> - best probably is to allow communication from XC - when order status in XC is set
> to processed or completed or X then XC send signal to X-Payments to mark the
> order as such if it is only authorized - everyone uses XC backend but very few
> actually use X-Payments backend

Actually this is already possible. You can capture funds from X-Cart via X-Payments.
See "order statuses mapping rules" at
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