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Default Re: X-Payments markes orders Failed after a month

I am still not 100% sure (waiting for response) but it does seem like client uses payment gateway directly to capture funds and not X-Payments. I understand this way X-Payments doesn't know what is happening and just goes in its own way to set orders as failed. Most X-payments users however do not know this or they simply do not care and prefer to use the payment gateway for one reason or another.

But there has to be something for those users who do it this way - currently the process is hardcoded in X-Payments as I understand. Please consider adding option(s)
- admin can turn on/off this automated process
- admin can manually change order status in X-Payments so if they charge directly in the payment gateway they can make X-Payments aware of this
- allow admin to set the period instead of hardcoding it to 30 days - not sure if this is even possible but if it is X-Payments can read this period from the payment gateway as not all are 30 days I guess?
- best probably is to allow communication from XC - when order status in XC is set to processed or completed or X then XC send signal to X-Payments to mark the order as such if it is only authorized - everyone uses XC backend but very few actually use X-Payments backend
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