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Default Re: v4 roadmap and upgrade to v5

Hi guys!

Thank you so much for your feedback! It is truly appreciated.

I would want to address several points mentioned in the discussion:
Originally Posted by cflsystems
Any other way of making changes to XC5 should be consider temporary and unsafe. Even the built-in template modifier won't do you much good if you need to edit template multiple times or replace a template...

You can pretty safely apply changes to templates via Webmaster Mode. If there are cases in which it does not work, please give me an example as we would want to address that.

Besides that, X-Cart 5.4 will have more tools to edit templates out of the box, including adding new templates.

Originally Posted by Triple A Racing
we'd say don't bother trying to migrate either via the official X-Cart method or your own scripts or tricks etc especially if you have a heavily modified XC4 store. Create a new XC5 store from scratch

I would agree with you a couple of years ago, but since then we heavily improved our Migration Wizard module. I work on migration data pretty much every day and if you have a small to medium size store, you can migrate your data within 15-30 minutes. And the store will work perfectly fine after that.

However, I do agree that if you have custom functionality or just a specific store's config, it will require you to test quite a bit to make sure that X-Cart 5 works exactly as you need. We have piled up a checklist to help you with this task:
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