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Default Re: New module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master

Originally Posted by qualiteam
I've removed a number of messages that are off-topic to this forum thread
No problem with that action (some were ours, some were not) as we don't own or manage the forum.

Database backups / restores (SQL only) were a free core function in the old XC4 that we used and have been accurately replicated in XC5 under the Tools section. Some other free core functions from XC4 however have only re-appeared in XC5 as 'paid' add-on modules, which does not feel like progress to end users who have made the product change (like us)... Added to this, is that there are still no visible signs of, or discussions about (yet...) access to changelogs for modules and you can see why people may want to discuss alternatives to the theory that 'modules are the only way...'

Please consider that viewing from a perspective (different than your own) is also important for other forum members. After all, this isn't a new, online evo-version of the old Pravda!
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