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Default Re: New module for X-Cart 5 - Backup Master

Let's say the cart is installed in root. There is a directory in root which is not stock XC5. Will the backup include this directory?

It will not include this directory. The module creates a backup of the X-Cart 5 based shop only.

Or more simple question - does the module backs up everything found under the cart installation directory and everything found within the cart database?

The dump will include only the tables having the same prefix that is used for XC5 tables. Other tables are not included into the dump.

If someone stores files in extra directories / extra database tables (that XC5 knows nothing about), I believe he/she knows what he/she is doing and can either create the backup from the console, or can alter the module's class method that returns the list of directories and files to include into the archive.

But this should not be the problem for a lot of "stock" X-Cart 5 shops and XC5 shops with custom modules developed as per the documentation.

Backups we don't find a problem and we can't see us ever needing a module to do them (sledgehammer to crack a nut?) but it's obviously different for everybody dependent on their own setups

Well, if you want to create backups from the Linux console manually, you don't need this module. Unless you don't have the SSH access.

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