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Default Re: XC5 Major League Problems with shipping zones

Hi Tony

Many thanks for you time on this. I am sure that it will assist a lot of people.

I think that what I overlooked when selecting options on the 'RATES' screen was that the ZONE>>RATE boxes must be specific. I thought setting a rate for all address would mean all address in the LONDON zone.........but no.

In My case when setting the Rates for 'LONDON' - the edit charges box must have selected LONDON and also the box to the right must have LONDON - I assume this is the ZONE box selector (not sure). Anyway if you have the right hand box set as 'All Address Zones' or 'Default Zone', for example, it puts a different address zone profile into that shipping charge. And the whole thing gets confused..... as did I.....

Doing it this way does return the correct charges and customer 'feed back' to correct their typo error.

Have also just checked to see if it works without having a 'COUNTY' set in the ZONE MASK - and it does. It will work based just on the postcode. This is essential as you would be surprised as to how many people either have no idea which county they live in or many people will still want to use an older county name that doesn't actually exist any more. You also have the Unitary Authorities, which aren't actually in your counties list as yet. So, in our XC4 main site, we have put in a -- PLEASE SELECT -- county in each of our shipping zone masks, as most people do seem to know their postcode.

So when the bug is ironed out regarding postcode 'case' masking we will be able to use it, but not until then I'm afraid.

It would be really good if you could force upper-case letters in the postcodes, this would really assist couriers and warehouse staff and reduce mistakes.

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