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Default Re: XC5 Major League Problems with shipping zones

First of all, thank you @adriant for allowing me to check the problems directly on your web-site.

Here is what I found:

Originally Posted by adriant
Problems found:

At the checkout if you select London as the county and ME14 (as an example) it adds the surcharge and still allows you to check out with an incorrect postcode.

This is a bug. In this case, you should not get a surcharge (since this address is in the Default zone - all addresses), but you will be able to check out, because this address is in the Default zone.

At the Checkout if you select Kent as the county and E1 as the postcode it doesn't add the surcharge it still allows you to checkout with with incorrect county

This is a correct behaviour. The same as above, this address belongs to Default zone (all addresses) and since you have shipping rate for Default zone, it is used at checkout.

At the Checkout London + E1 adds the charge and allows checkout.

At the checkout Kent + ME1 no extra charge and allows checkout.

These cases are also correct.

A solution need to be found to tell the customer that they entered either the county or postcode incorrectly, it should be corrected to allow proper calculation of shipping costs.

This problem is usually solved in the following way:
1) You should remove the shipping rates for Default zone and define two rates: one for London zone, one for UK. If you did this, then two first cases (county London + ME14 postcode, county Kent + postcode E1) would return "No shipping methods available" error message.
2) You can alter this error message to something like "No shipping methods available. Please check your shipping address" and it would tell customers to make sure that their address is correctly specified.

As I remember, X-Cart 4 works the same way.

If you have an alternative solution to this problem, please let me know.

In addition this supposes that the customer has put in the PostCode as capitals because we now get on to the next major problem I can't seem to get around...

At the checkout if the customer puts in e1 instead of E1 - with any county let alone London - the shipping cost is now 0.00 and the VAT is not calculated and is removed.

In the 'Zone Masks' on XC4 it doesn't matter if it is set as upper or lower it calculates correctly.

This is a bug and it will be solved.

If you put in the mask


you might have thought this would be temporary workaround... not so...... no calculation of carriage costs takes place.

further if you have


with a carriage return . so that the cursor is on the line below it, that screws it up as well.

This is a bug as well. I have reported it to the team and it will be fixed.

Quick review
- we are going to fix three bugs mentioned here: shipping rate is sometimes calculated incorrectly (London + ME14 postcode), postcode mask does not work properly with upper/lowercase symbols, postcode mask field does not support several values.
- if you feel that there is a better way of checking the address, please let me know how you see it.

Thank you.

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