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Default XC5 Major League Problems with shipping zones

Just setting up a micro site for some of our product lines and have come across a serious problem............. or maybe I just don't get it.

Having set-up and used the brilliant shipping system on XC4 I'm pretty sure on the methodology on how it works, however on XC5 there seems to be a problem or two.

Need to setup a 'congestion zone' surcharge' - as successfully done on XC4 on our main site.

Setup the Delivery Shipping with 1 basic Delivery area with no extra charges and inserted the 'Congestion Zone' area with a ё6 flat rate surcharge.

Set-up the UK zone for general free shipping and works OK
All Counties except LONDON and only put 1 post code in it to test - used ME%

Set up the 'CONGESTION ZONE' zone - added a VAT zone to calc VAT amount as I've discovered that you have yo have VAT zone for every UK delivery ZONE.

In the Congestion zone' I've just used 'London' as the county and one postcode - E1% as the area for surcharging.

Problems found:

At the checkout if you select London as the county and ME14 (as an example) it adds the surcharge and still allows you to check out with an incorrect postcode.

At the Checkout if you select Kent as the county and E1 as the postcode it doesn't add the surcharge it still allows you to checkout with with incorrect county

At the Checkout London + E1 adds the charge and allows checkout.

At the checkout Kent + ME1 no extra charge and allows checkout.

A solution need to be found to tell the customer that they entered either the county or postcode incorrectly, it should be corrected to allow proper calculation of shipping costs.

In addition this supposes that the customer has put in the PostCode as capitals because we now get on to the next major problem I can't seem to get around...

At the checkout if the customer puts in e1 instead of E1 - with any county let alone London - the shipping cost is now 0.00 and the VAT is not calculated and is removed.

In the 'Zone Masks' on XC4 it doesn't matter if it is set as upper or lower it calculates correctly.

In XC5 the upper/lower case needs to be rectified.


If you put in the mask


you might have thought this would be temporary workaround... not so...... no calculation of carriage costs takes place.

further if you have


with a carriage return . so that the cursor is on the line below it, that screws it up as well.

So if I am doing something, or not doing something I would really like to know........ if this is not the case then until these basic shipping problems are rectified the package is useless.... maybe only to me..........

All the best

PS. our main site where all is well is
the site where we can't seem to get it to work is
Xcart gold Plus V4.7.12
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