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Default Re: X-Cart reBOOT (reDUX) Template

I am configuring home page Slider settings on my local development site (Windows 10, XAMPP v3.3.0, PHP 7.4.18, X-Cart 4.7.12)

Slide links are initially text (e.g. #Slide_1).
If I set the slide link to a local html page URL, e.g. https://localhost/reDUXdevsite/slide_1-link.html, do I have to manually change the URL to e.g. when I upload the site to the live server?

The underlying code is in /skin/reboot/custom/slider.tpl and the slide link variable is $config.Reboot.reboot_slide_#_link, (e.g. $config.Reboot.reboot_slide_1_link).
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